Tomb Raider

Finally got around to finishing the latest Tomb Raider, I didn’t feel like I spent a great deal of time playing but I certainly didn’t rush around. I wasn’t collecting all the chaff that you can in each zone but I did do a fair amount of faffing around and I certainly completed every “optional” tomb. I think I finished the game with about 79% completion.

I did have a quick look at replaying to start collecting some of the things I missed and complete each zones challenges but it’s a bit of an empty goal. Sure you can earn more salvage to upgrade your gear and gain more skill points to complete your character build but ultimately there isn’t much point to that unless you are going for the platinum trophy, something I’m not all that bothered about doing.

It’s unlikely I will have time to concentrate on the multiplayer either as my main reason for putting this one to bed was that The Last of Us is out in a week and a bit.

TR was a pretty great experience though, certainly more brawn than brain and a hell of a lot more casual than previous TR titles but I think it stands up pretty well against them. Excellent story with good pacing, the character upgrades come exactly when they will be the most useful (assuming you sit and think about which ones to buy first). I would easily put it right up there with the previous games were it not for one thing, optional tombs.

While the main story was great, the optional tombs felt like a missed trick. These could have been a proper nod to the old games with tombs full of devious puzzles and traps but rarely did you ever have to think about the way through the tomb for more than a minute and the reward was pretty unrewarding. It’s a shame, with a little effort these could have been proper puzzle sections and in fact, because they were optional they could have easily been the most fiendish part of the game. People could have played through the story without having gotten stuck on them but those that wanted the real challenge would have been right at home.

It’s a game I would probably replay at some point but hopefully there will be another one along in time that addresses some of the issues (although I heard that financially they were not happy with the sales, despite it doing pretty bloody well considering).

If you have yet to check it out and you spot it at a nice cheap price somewhere, I would pick it up.

I award this game 14.2 explosive arrows.

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