The Secret World

I had intended on throwing up a post about TSW when I started playing but was having so much fun I never got around to it. Yesterday however I cancelled my sub, not because of any faults with the game itself but we are barely two weeks away from GW2 and I know I don’t need yet another subscription leaking out of my bank account while I play something else.

TSW has faults but they can easily be overlooked if you focus on where the game shines. The combat is lacking still, the skills are all very much carbon copies of each other so even with that gigantic skill wheel, there is nothing at the end of the progression that differs greatly from your opening skills. A few added effects here and there but ultimately nothing new and shiny. The classes I enjoy playing in MMO’s more than any other are the ones with utility and I never felt that anything in TSW offered me that.

The story is great though, easily on par with the billions pumped into The Old Republic and like the soon-to-be F2P Star Wars title, the setting was refreshing and vibrant. I will certainly be back in ToR when that goes F2P and I can easily see that same sub model taking over TSW in the very near future. That will save the game for me, I don’t have the time I used to have to dedicate to massive gaming sessions and that makes subscriptions nag at me more than they used to. It’s not the money as such, it’s knowing that you are paying out for something you are not using.

I would love to see TSW go free to play, it would mean that more people would get to see just what an interesting world Funcom have crafted, sure it’s a little clunky, the combat sticks out like a sore thumb (and really there is no getting away from having to fight the creatures that litter the streets) but the investigation missions, that main story quests and even the side quest are all well rounded and intriguing.

I will certainly be heading back there at some point, although I would prefer not to have to sub for it.

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