Finally got around to finishing the latest Tomb Raider, I didn’t feel like I spent a great deal of time playing but I certainly didn’t rush around. I wasn’t collecting all the chaff that you can in each zone but I did do a fair amount of faffing around and I certainly completed every “optional” tomb. I think I finished the game with about 79% completion. I did have a […]

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I had intended on throwing up a post about TSW when I started playing but was having so much fun I never got around to it. Yesterday however I cancelled my sub, not because of any faults with the game itself but we are barely two weeks away from GW2 and I know I don’t need yet another subscription leaking out of my bank account while I play something else. […]

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I feel like I should stop playing the Torchlight 2 beta, it feels so complete. Sure, there are some top tier skills missing from each classes skill trees but it otherwise feels like an actual game that I would pay good money for. I guess the big sticking point for some people is that it feels exactly like the original Torchlight, so depending on which camp you reside, you will […]

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Funcom launched their promotional “game” for The Secret World at the end of last week. Supposedly a 35 day campaign but three days in and I don’t really need to play again. I’m not a big fan of facebook games, I will play the occasional one where I have something tangible to gain, the last one was for Assassins Creed Brotherhood which gave me Uplay points to buy in-game stuffs. […]

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